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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Interesting Schools

Here are some schools that seem to be "on to something." They run the gamut from public to private to parochial. I've placed some reactions next to some of the entries. I will expand the entries as I run into different websites. Feel free to post your own.

Here's a start:

Tempe Preparatory Academy in Tempe, Arizona. 7-12.

Ridgeview Classical Schools. K-12. Core knowledge (ala E.D. Hirsch) in elementary school; classical liberal curriculum in upper grades. Located in Fort Collins.

Liberty Common School. K-12. http://www.libertycommon.org/home/index.htm

Arrupe Jesuit High School. 9-12. They advertise an affordable college preparatory education via a unique corporate sponsored work study program. With big bucks we could have a private school instead of a charter. I don't know what underlies their pedagogical approach.

Denver Arts and Technology Academy (DATA). I include this one because it's run by educational management organization (EMO). According to Colorado Charter School law, schools can be affiliated with a for-profit or non-profit EMO. In addition, their "high tech" emphasis is something that costs big bucks. If I get my way, our school will be decidely "low tech" with an emphasis on the written word. http://www.denveratacademy.org/

St. John's College. A college? Take a look at some of the methods they are using. Some things might be adaptable for our context. I'm intriguiged by their "all courses required" approach.

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