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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why Conspiracy Theories Fail

Perhaps this post should read WHY CONSPIRACY THEORIES FAIL. In any case, I came across this fascinating audio of Art Bell interviewing this guy who claims to have been part of a secret project to make things invisible.

Here's the link: http://www.archive.org/details/ArtBellPhiladelphiaExperiment_1

Please don't tell THEM about it.

I think I discovered the fatal flaw of all the conspiracy theorists: they over-reach. I was almost convinced about this secret project until the guest indicated not only was an invisibility project part of this but time travel, "free" electrical power, UFOs, the one world government/New World Order -- in short, there is one global conspiracy controlling everything.

Ho, hum. A theory that explains everything finally explains nothing.

I think I get the impetus to buy into conspiracies: we see things that the dominant theories of reality fail to explain and look for a cause that is comprehensible. Everything would be different if THEY were not working behind the scenes to prevent good from naturally emerging from the world.

All this strikes me as a way of getting at what orthodox Christianity claims: the world is dragged down by the Evil One who would love to thwart every human desire for happiness and eternal life.

So, perhaps the conspiracy theorists actually under-reach: the evils of this world are not reducible to secular explanations.

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