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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Finding Academic Freedom

Who would think that one would expereince academic freedom in the midst of Catholic homeschoolers? For many average folk and most educators, the homeschooling milieu is the last place one would seek out the freedom to teach.

Infinite Horizon

What is the nature of academic freedom? Historically, the idea of academic freedom arose in research institutions so that nutty ideas might be given an opportunity to flourish or be dis-confirmed. Academic freedom is supposed to be operative in institutions of higher learning but one wonders if the screening process weeds out innovative thinkers in advance.

Existentially, academic freedom is found in the teacher who is able to realize a harmony between where his heart is and where his research/inquiry leads. It means following reality and not losing one's teaching post as a result.

"Scopes" redux?

Historically informed readers may recall about the Tennessee case of years gone by where a teacher was convicted of teaching evolution. It's curious how "orthodoxy" in public schools has hardened to the point where the materialist is exalted and the theist is left out in the cold.

Can you imagine in Tennessee (or any other state) a teacher teaching religion as if it were true? Suddenly there are no appeals to academic freedom, but the teacher would be pilloried as a backward "impositionist." How dare he impose his views.

This is why religion ends up being discussed in schools less than pornography. If it can lead to trouble, why bother?

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