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Monday, December 12, 2011

Wanted: school with a positive hypothesis

I came across this interesting paragraph in Giussani's The Religious Sense:
The position of doubt makes us incapable of action. I remember reading in a newspaper one time about a certain school established in the United States. Its purpose was to form a special capacity for invention of super-intelligent children. In other words, it was a school for educating geniuses, became coming up with new inventions is an act of genius. The entire school was designed to teach children to approach problems with a positive hypothesis. The worst thing in the world is to place oneself in front of reality with a hypothesis, not necessarily negative, but simply suspended. In such a situation, one no longer advances (p. 127).
Anyone out there in cyberspace know what school Giussani was referring to? Did it ever get up and running? Does it still exist?

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