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Saturday, January 09, 2016

"The Hunt"

The Hunt

Mads Mikkelson (who was just fantastic in the hilarious, profound and scary Adam's Apples) plays a teacher in The Hunt who has taken a job at a kindergarten because the local school closed. He gets into a custody battle with his wife, starts falling in love and gets accused of inappropriate behavior with a child.

Any one who has been falsely accused will quickly identify with the protagonist. Scary, haunting but ultimately redemptive.

If I could create a genre for this film, I would call it epistemological: it asks to consider what we know and how we know it. It touches on several themes but does not conflate to a moral tale about the dangers of witch-hunts and hysteria, nor does it demonize those think Lucas (Mikkelson) guilty of the "crime." A very un-Hollywood kind of film. Friendship, family, love, hate ... it's all in there.

Mature theme with some sexuality (but pretty tame for the Swedes if those vicious stereotypes are true).

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